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New items for sale

Town and Beach offers:

teacup1“Lillipots”… lilliputian-style gardens planted in vintage glass, metal and ceramic containers!

The succulent plants that we use in our planters make beautiful and easy-to-care-for mini-gardens. These will look great on your kitchen windowsill, or your any spot where you want to enjoy seeing a real plant.

We’ll even create dish gardens in your own containers! Choose an antique teacup or a formal sugarbowl. We’ll suggest a few ideas or you can pick out a decorative fill and the plants you like best.


tabbytufa“Tabbytufa”…planters like you’ve never seen before, each one hand-made from oyster shells and volcanic rock. Ideal for succulents.

“Baysticks”….driftwood from Mobile Bay sold in bulk and made into tabletop trees and sculpture.