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I have conducted many workshops on technical topics:

“Create Your Own Website”

“Facebook for Business”

“How to Sell Stuff on eBay”

…and lots of workshops on painting and crafting:

“Furniture Painting Basics: Chalking-type Painting”

“Rescue Thrift Store Finds with Chalk & Crackle”

New workshops:

“Mini-Concrete Planters: How to Do It Yourself”

We’re all familiar with the large, heavy concrete planters and birdbaths. In this workshop you will make mini-planters using common household items as molds. This process is easy to learn and allows you to complete several mini-planters that cure overnight and are ready to plant the next day! And the wind is not going to blow these mini-planters away!

“Hypertufa Planters: How to Do It Yourself”.

Hypertufa is light-weight, man-made volcanic rock, which is ideal for making planters for succulents and cacti.
In this workshop you’ll learn how to make several different hypertufa “recipes” and how to make molds out of common household items. Warning, making hypertufa planters can become habit-forming.

baysticks-driftwood-tree-18 inch“Driftwood Trees: How to Do It Yourself”.

Learn how to make decorative trees from driftwood that you find.

Bring your own driftwood, or use ours.

Everything is supplied to make a 12 – 18 inch table-top tree.

“Sell Your Crafts on : How to Do It Yourself

Bring 5 items you want to list for sale on, and share in the process of researching prices and posting your items for sale, along with with other workshop students.

Workshop participants should have an iPhone or other smart phone or an iPad, or other tablet.

Each item should be a size that fits in a Small, Medium or Large Fixed Rate Priority Mail Box.

If you are interested in any of the workshops listed, please contact Dan Therrell at 251-510-8820 or at