About Town and Beach


We live, work, and play in Fairhope, Al, on the shores of Mobile Bay, not far from the Gulf of Mexico.

You will find things at Town and Beach that are created out of materials like Mobile Bay driftwood and sea shells from the Gulf of Mexico.   We enjoy searching for, and utilizing natural materials that are part of our unique coastal environment, to  create simple handmade objects.  We believe that our crafts reflect our water-oriented way of life, and remind us of nature.

We also sell oddball antique, vintage, or retro items which we have discovered at local estate sales or flea markets.  With our local knowledge, and over 40 years of experience collecting and repairing antiques, we find some interesting things!

We’ve been known to re-purpose castoffs into cool decorative objects for indoor and outdoor living spaces. From time to time, we may also acquire a few pieces of  interesting art, pottery, and woodwork from local artists and craftspeople. You can be assured that everything we offer for sale has been picked, salvaged, restored, or created from scratch by a real person who breathes the humid, salty air from the Gulf of Mexico.