How to Sell Stuff on eBay

This popular 8-hour workshop covers all the basics of selling items on eBay.

Each student works along online, as the instructor demonstrates how to:

Properly set up an eBay seller ID and Paypal account
Determine a likely selling price of your item
List your item quickly using your smartphone
Decide whether the auction format or “Buy It Now” is best
Efficiently package and ship your item
Increase your positive seller feedback
Identify items to sell on  eBay

This workshop is an Eastern Shore Institute of Lifelong Learning Course.  See other interesting courses at

Instructor: Dan Therrell

Place: Fairhope Library Computer Lab, 501 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope, AL 36532
Supplies fee: $10.00 for course materials

For more information, contact Dan Therrell:
phone: 251-510-8820


“How to Sell Stuff on eBay” Workshop Agenda:

Day One:

1. Complete Workshop Registrations

2. Introductions and Goals for the Workshop

3. Review the Scope of this Workshop

  • Basic eBay Selling
  • Importance of Fundamentals

4. Background

  • What is eBay, really?
  • eBay vs. other selling venues(craigslist, etsy, ecommerce website)
  • Limitations, Policies & Procedures

5. Get Help: The Seller Information Center

  • How to Sell – See Additional Resources
  • Quick Start Guide – Step-by-step Listing Wizard

6. Get More Help:  Google Your Question

7. Choosing your seller name, and why it is important

7a. Your Feedback is Your Reputation

8. Shipping Shortcuts

  • Fixed Rate Priority Mail
  • Printing Postage at Home

9. Jump-start for Smartphone Users….list your items with your smart phone.

10. What is “My eBay”

  • The Seller Dashboard


Day Two:

1. Review questions from yesterday’s session

2. How to determine the right price for your item

1) items sold on eBay

2) Googling for search results

3. Creating a listing

  • Quick Listing Tool
  • Advanced listing Tool

4.Photography Basics to Enhance Your Listings

5. Is ebay selling a hobby or a “Business”?

  • Business Tax Advantages
  • Deducting auto expense and travel

6. Online transactions: Reducing Personal Financial Risk

7. Promoting Your Services as an ebay Seller


Many interesting computer courses are offered at the Fairhope Library.

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