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Sea Shell Minerals – New Package

seashell-minerals-jarSea Shell Minerals are now available in air-tight 16 ounce clamp-top jars, which is plenty to make a whole gallon of chalk-type paint. And with the recipes below, you can make as little as one cup of chalk-type paint for those spur-of-the-moment projects, no matter how small. The clamp-top jar will keep your Sea Shell minerals fresh and dry for years!

So, what is Sea Shell Minerals? It’s a premium-quality blend of finely-ground fossilized seashells, raw gypsum, and talc which I created especially for making chalk-type paint. This blend, like most ready-mixed chalk-type paints, primarily provides calcium carbonate, which is a naturally occurring, non-toxic compound.  Fossilized seashells  contributes both calcite and aragonite, which are two different crystal structures of calcium carbonate.  Other sources of calcium carbonate which are common in paints and commercial products include crushed limestone, oyster shells, egg shells, and quarried marble and travertine. The raw gypsum and talc add

When properly purified, calcium carbonate is used widely as a dietary calcium supplement for both humans and animals.  Sea Shell Minerals are not for human consumption.

 Chalk-type Paint Recipes

 The Standard Chalk-type Paint Recipe – recommended for most furniture painting projects to create a distressed, vintage, aged finish.

 Stir one Tablespoon of cool water into 2 Tablespoons of Sea Shell Minerals & mix until smooth. Add to one cup of premium acrylic latex paint* and mix well. For each quart of paint, stir 4 Tablespoons of water into 8  Tablespoons of Sea Shell Minerals.

 2x Chalk-type Paint Recipe – doubling the minerals will fill more cracks and make the finish more velvety to the touch.  Try this recipe on weathered or raw wood, as well as glass jars.

Stir two Tablespoons of cool water into 4 Tablespoons of Sea Shell Minerals & mix until smooth.  Add to one cup of premium acrylic latex paint* and mix well. For each quart of paint, stir 8 Tablespoons of water into 16 Tablespoons of Sea Shell Minerals.

*Recommended paint:  Sherwin Williams “Emerald” in Matte sheen, zero-VOC.

Sea Shell Minerals are available by contacting Dan Therrell  at 251-510-8820, or by email at

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Sea Shell Minerals

sea-shell-mineralsChalk painting thrift shop furniture – is something I was not familiar with until I needed to paint some well-used, but loved furniture pieces.  A friend told me about chalk paint. I found that chalk painting is easy, and is an inexpensive way to make new treasures out of old furniture! I tried a lot of chalk-type paints, but didn’t like the limited color choices, so decided I would just figure out how to make my own.

At about the same time, I was asked if I would consider doing Furniture Painting Workshops! It was then that I decided to get serious, and started experimenting with different materials that I had read about. I finally came up with a unique blend of all-natural ingredients for making chalk-style paint. I call it “Sea Shell Minerals” because it is made from real sea shell flour, gypsum, limestone, and talc, which consist of all-natural minerals. Sea Shell Minerals is a pure-white, finely ground powder, which blends smoothly into paint and won’t change the paint color. It also will not cause paint to jell or get hard, like Plaster of Paris!

I use Sea Shell Minerals in the workshops I teach.  And I package it in several different sizes.

A 4-pack, pre-measured for mixing 4-1 cup batches(or a quart) of chalk-type paint is $7.95.(shown in photo)

A 16 ounce container of Sea Shell Minerals, enough to make 4 quarts of chalk-type paint, is $19.95.

Standard Recipe for chalk-type paint

2 tablespoons(1 ounce) Sea Shell Minerals

1 tablespoon water

Stir until smooth, add to one cup acrylic latex paint, and mix thoroughly.

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New items for sale

Town and Beach offers:

teacup1“Lillipots”… lilliputian-style gardens planted in vintage glass, metal and ceramic containers!

The succulent plants that we use in our planters make beautiful and easy-to-care-for mini-gardens. These will look great on your kitchen windowsill, or your any spot where you want to enjoy seeing a real plant.

We’ll even create dish gardens in your own containers! Choose an antique teacup or a formal sugarbowl. We’ll suggest a few ideas or you can pick out a decorative fill and the plants you like best.


tabbytufa“Tabbytufa”…planters like you’ve never seen before, each one hand-made from oyster shells and volcanic rock. Ideal for succulents.

“Baysticks”….driftwood from Mobile Bay sold in bulk and made into tabletop trees and sculpture.

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Lake Norman Driftwood Sculpture

7 foot long natural driftwood sculpture…Lake Norman, NC…July, 2013

This natural piece of driftwood from Lake Norman, North Carolina is ideal for a fireplace mantel or sculptural wall hanging. The numerous cavities can accommodate votive holders, live plants, or silk plants. The wood is most likely cypress or juniper.

Measurements: 12 inches wide x 84 inches long.
Weight: About 50 lbs.
Price: $300.00